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Hello. This message is for the Pacer Soccer team. This is Coach Fitzgerald, your new soccer coach, and I’m very excited to be part of EHS Soccer.
Practice for the first three days of school will be at EHS in the Lectorium. We will be reviewing our expectations and providing information of everything that must be completed before the season begins.
Starting Monday, Aug. 22nd, practice will be held at Waller. Students that are able to drive, need to change in the high school locker room and come to practice. Licensed drivers may transport players as long as it is ok with their parents. A bus will be available for any student unable to find a ride to Waller. Pick up will be in the circle drive on the north side of the building. You will be able to change at Waller. Practice in the offseason will last for one hour from the start of practice. I’m hopefull that we will be able to start practice by 3:00 pm, putting our finish time around 4 pm.
You can review all of the information I have shared with you tonight by visiting the Pacer Soccer website, located under the athletic section of
I look forward to working with you this fall. Until we talk again, Go Pacers!


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Girls Soccer
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Girls Soccer