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Drug Testing Collection Process

In 2005, Enid Board of Education Members approved a drug prevention policy that included random drug testing for students involved in extra-curricular activities sanctioned by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA). Their goal was simple: to keep students safe by giving them another reason to say no to illegal and performance-enhancing drugs. While the policy was inactive for several years, the policy was revised and re-implemented in 2016 to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible at the high school and all three middle schools.

Hair samples will be collected to complete the testing. We have provided photos below to help parents and students better understand the process. Thank you to the EHS students and coaches who volunteered to be tested and allowed us to document their experience.

Please note: All 7th-12th-grade students who participate in OSSAA activities are required to have a parent-signed drug testing consent form on file. To learn complete this form, please visit: To learn more about the drug testing policy, visit

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  • The scissors and hair clips are sanitized.
  • The student's hair is parted so that the sample can be taken from a place that will not be noticeable.
  • A thin line of the hair is cut.
  • A thin line of the hair is cut. (Closer View)
  • Following the collection, the hair lays normally over the area where the sample was taken.
  • The hair is gathered ...
  • and placed in the sample holder.
  • The collection professional asks the student to confirm the envelope is empty.
  • The sample is then placed in the envelope, and it is sealed with a label that ensures the sample is associated with the correct student.
  • The student signs the seal to verify this process has been followed.
  • The collection professional completes all remaining documentation.
  • The collection professional places the sample and documentation in a sealed plastic bag to send to the lab.