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Live the Creed

Championship Traits Program - Plainsmen-Pacer Creed

“Live the Creed”

A character education program that will educate students and adults about the qualities that provide programs the best chance to be successful on and off the playing surface. Growth in the things we can control and ultimately the most important aspects to success- Character, Intensity and Attitude. These are championship traits that must be put in place before we can be champions.

Plainsmen-Pacer Creed

I believe in Enid High School, Her TRADITIONS and ideals;

I believe in HONESTY in every-day tasks and in faithfulness in duty;

I believe in joy that come from worthwhile fun,

Generous comradeship, I believe in LOYAL SERVICE to my school;

I believe in MODESTY in Victory and an unconquerable SPIRIT in defeat;

I believe in keeping FAITH with my neighbor, My father and mother,

My country, And my God.


Throughout the year, coaches will recognize players for living the traits of the Plainsmen-Pacer Creed- Tradition, Honesty, Loyalty, Service, Modesty, Spirit, and Faith. The following is an explanation of each of the seven pillars-

-Tradition: passing on of customs or beliefs of special significance

-Honesty: quality of telling the truth,

-Loyal: showing firm and constant support to a person, team, or institution

-Service: action of help to team, to school, to community

-Modesty: the quality or state of sharing the credit with others, we over me

-Spirit: qualities regarded as forming the definitive elements in the character of a person, team, or group

-Faith: complete trust or confidence in someone or something bigger than yourself


Championship Traits Program - Plainsmen-Pacer Creed

 “Live the Creed”

In this program the Enid Athletic department will strive to educate our student athletes on how to work towards obtaining these lifelong championship traits. Each coach or sponsor will take time to talk with their programs on a daily basis about these traits and how they will be a guide to a successful life. We will provide athlete development seminars as a part of all programs in Enid Public Schools, these seminars will include information about “Live the Creed” traits presented by coaches, administration, and a host of our own student athletes.


What exactly does it mean for us to “Live the Creed”? A committee will be created to develop a set of criteria that truly shows what we have to do to show these championship traits on a daily basis. When a student is recognized for embodying these traits they will be publicly recognized in front of the team, community, and school board. They will be presented with an Enid Athletic Department medallion for their actions.


Public recognition will help drive a culture of high expectations, we want to praise high quality actions in the media as another platform for our coaches to recognize those student athletes who are consistently exuding these championship traits.




“Live the Creed”


CHARACTER                                                 INTENSITY                                                    ATTITUDE


Championship Traits Program - Plainsmen-Pacer Creed

 “Live the Creed”

Seven values- easily understood, easy to teach, and critical to “Live the Creed”

Tradition -

Be open-minded. Listen to others. Don’t take advantage of others. Don’t blame others carelessly.

Honesty –

Integrity-Be trustworthy. Don’t deceive, cheat or steal. Build a good reputation.

Sincerity-Be reliable. Do what you say you’ll do.

Loyal –

Do what you are supposed to do in support of your team, school, community

Be self-disciplined in your responsibilities to your team, school, community, Stand by your family, friends and country

Be accountable for your choices and how they will affect your team, school, community

Service –

Always do your best, think before you act, consider the consequences

Do your share to make the community better, Cooperate, stay informed

Modesty -

Treat others with respect. Follow the Golden Rule, be tolerant of differences, use good manners, not bad language.                 

Be considerate of the feelings of others, deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements


Spirit –

Be kind and compassionate, show you care, express gratitude, forgive others, help people in need. Persevere. Keep on trying Have the courage to do the right thing.

Faith -

Be a good neighbor, obey laws and regulation. Respect authority.